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We help people learn AI and build applications.

  • Solve real-world AI challenges.
  • Work on your own fun projects.
  • Connect with mentors & like-minded people.
  • No programming background needed.
  • Online AI learning platform (you need to sign up.).

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Selected solutions by our students, that you can learn from

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Online AI Learning Platform

  • Autocaffe (our AI learning platform)
  • Smojo (a new programming language for machine learning & data processing.)

ai4impact is very helpful in helping me understand deep learning concepts. It provides thorough elaboration on building deep learning models. Solving the problem set given provided us realistic perspectives on applying deep learning techniques in real-world scenarios. Chandana

At first, I had no clue about artificial intelligence. I learnt essential pieces of deep learning concepts to build AI models and solve real-world problems. It gives me ability and confidence to pursue career related to deep learning. Saifullah

ai4impact was first exposure to AI for me. It picked my interest in AI so much we independently hone our skills and develop groundbreaking solutions for an under-served problem via Scrio. Jonathan

We learnt the value and potential of data in generating critical and actionable insights. It is a practical and hands-on way to solve real problems in the organization. Grace