Predictive AI to shape the Future


Our mission is to build AI-based predictive solutions that improve lives. Our two main initiatives are the Aedes hotspot early warning system ( and an interactive vessel ETA calculator which uses realtime AIS data to predict ship delay time.


Our flagship product, Autocaffe can turbocharge your AI development and research. Autocaffe incorporates many features that are essential to speeding up AI product development. We use Autocaffe ourselves in our work and in our training courses. Programming is optional!

Mini Scripting Language (MSL)

We designed the Mini Scripting Language for stream-based data analytics. We use it internally to drive our weather prediction post-processing pipeline. Mini can help you reduce your data cleaning, fusion and analytics development significantly. The core language is available for you to try online.

TerraAI Data Science Academy

We provide training for your data scientists to help you speed up adoption of predictive AI in your organization. What distinguishes our courses are that they always incorporate extensive hands-on sessions to build applications using real world data.